Therapeutic/Swedish Massage

A wonderful treatment to ensure an all over sense of
calm and well-being by releasing muscle tension
and soothing nerves through total body relaxation. 

This massage will benefit many conditions including
stress and anxiety, poor circulation,
respiratory problems, headaches,  aches & pains, etc.

If you have no particular symptoms, it is sheer indulgence

… just treat yourself !


Indian Head Massage

Extremely relaxing treatment concentrated on the scalp and extends to relieve tension in the neck, back, shoulders and arms.  It can include facial massage.


Sports & Remedial Massage

Deep tissue massage – not limited to sports enthusiasts.

Preparing your muscles for exercise
or helping them recover more quickly.

Beneficial too for conditions such as RSI.

This treatment is effective for prevention of injuries
or post activity stiffness.

Using slow strokes and deep pressure,
this treatment works best on targeted areas.

The session can also include specific stretches
to increase flexibility and posture,
aiding recovery and movement.



A holistic therapy, tracing back to ancient civilisations, that restores balance, harmony and well-being.

With the theory that all organs and systems correspond to reflex areas, this treatment is performed mainly on the feet (can also be performed on the hands).

Gentle pressure is applied to release blockages and re-establish energy flow to improve overall health.

This treatment is deeply relaxing, relieving stress
and an array of ailments such as insomnia, PMS,
respiratory complaints, IBS, etc

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